It’s the sound of the police.

Police strategy game, This is the Police, will be available as a mobile game in December. Yup, you’ll soon be able to deal with the mafia, politicians, dodgy officers, and more all on your way to work when the games hits iOS and Android in December.

The game sets you the task of coming up with $500,000 in 180 days so police chief Jack Boyd can retire in style. And while you get the chance to deal with the big movers and shakers of the criminal world, you’ll also have to deal with the everyday criminals and even a few who swear they’re innocent.

The mobile version will be available to phones that have iOS 9 or higher and Android 6 phones that have a RAM larger that 1.5GB. Luckily, the game will be a straight port, meaning once you pay the £7/$8/€8 you won’t have to worry about micro-transactions of any kind, hooray!