The first batch of DLC for Jurassic World Evolutions has arrived with the Secrets of Dr Wu. The expansion will have you visiting two new islands where the titular Dr Wu is carrying out research concerning a new hybrid of dinosaur – I’m sure everything will be fine.

The DLC does offer a fairly expansive new campaign, with new quests being added even after you have to two new islands, the Isla Muerta and Isla Tacano up and running. Plus, ol’ Dr Wu is voiced by none other than the man himself with BD Wong taking the reigns of his character from the original film.

The Secrets of Dr Wu is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, setting you back £13/$15/€15. Our Viki reviewed Evolutions a while back and she was left pretty disappointed but maybe the new DLC will give players a chance to play the game with fresh eyes.