Say cheese!

Rebellion has announced two new modes for their third-person shooter title, Strange Brigade, as part of a free update arriving on November 26.

First up is Photo Mode; players will be able to pause the action and use sliders to adjust various aspects of their photo, including focal distance, aperture, and field of view. There will also be a number of filters to choose from as well as options to frame your photos. The second is Extreme Mode, adding a new difficulty level for the story campaign, beefing up enemy’s health and damage in the hope of encouraging players think more tactically and use the environment to their advantage.

Both new game modes will be added as part of the free update that will also bring the new Score Attack levels “Great Pyramid 2” and “Afterlife 2,” as well as the new Horde map “Void.” The free update comes a day before the release of the final instalment of the Thrice Damned DLC, Pyramid of Bes, and the Maharani Huntress Character expansion pack, available on November 27.

Strange Brigade was released back in August: Dan seemed to love it in his review and John was lucky enough to have a chat with Ben Fisher, Rebellion’s Studio Design Lead, who shared everything we needed to know about Strange Brigade, prior to the game’s launch.

Strange Brigade is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.