Total definitive war.

Total War series developer, Creative Assembly, is giving a makeover to three of its titles with players who already own the games getting a free upgrade – who said war didn’t have a generous side?

The three games, Total War: Empire, Medieval II, and Napoleon will all be re-released with their DLC included as part of the base game, and players who already own the titles getting the expansions for free as well.

Total War: Empire, which sees you fighting it out across the oceans of the 18th century, will include the Warpath Campaign, Elite Units of the East, and the Elite Units of America. The expansions offer more of the same gameplay the base game offers, with players fighting it out in a period of social and political upheaval.

Meanwhile, the Napoleon upgrade will also see three expansions included with the base game, with players able to fight through The Peninsular Campaign, Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars, and make the most of the Coalition Battle Pack and the Imperial Eagle Battle Pack. Only the Napleon definitive editon won’t be available on Linux systems but both Medieval II and Empire will be.

The definitive editions are available right now on Steam, costing £20/$25/€25 for new players, but available as free upgrades if you’ve already played the games on Windows, Linux, or Mac.