Green with envy.

The Jump Force lineup looks a little greener now, with Dragonball characters Piccolo and Cell joining the fight.

Fans of the many Dragonball games and shows will be all too familiar with these chaps, with Cell being an android who’s got the annoying ability to copy everyone else’s fighting styles, and being a bit of a twat. Cell will be joined by the villain-turned-hero Piccolo, best known for screaming and gasping for most of the time.

Bandai Namco also gave a handful of details about the avatar creator feature in Jump Force, with players able to use items and costumes from all the franchises included in the game to create their characters. So, you could have Frieza wearing a farmer’s hat – which would be amazing.

Jump Force is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 15, 2019. Fans have been a bit miffed about the decision to lock nine characters behind DLC, but the game looks pretty fun – Viki and I had a good time with it when we went hands-on a while back.