Looks like it’s Red-dy.

Well, it seems that spike of activity that appeared on a handful of Red Dead Redemption 2’s online Achievements were a sign that the beta was set to kick off. Because from November 27, players who bought the Ultimate Edition of the games have access to the online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2. More players will be able to join the beta throughout the week before the game opens up to all players on Friday, November 30.

From today, players who picked up the Ultimate Edition of the game (which would’ve set you back £90) will have access to Red Dead 2 Online. Wednesday (Nov 28) will give online access to players who played the game from October 26. So, anyone who pre-ordered the game or bought it on release day should be able to play. People who played RDR2 between October 26-29 will be able to play from Thursday (Nov 29). And the online mode will be available to everyone on November 30.

The staggered times are a precaution that Rockstar’s taking to avoid server issues that plagued the early days of GTA Online. And it should mean that most players will have a few more days to enjoy the serenity of the offline mode before they’re constantly being murdered for no reason in the online mode.

The announcement from Rockstar came after a small amount of activity was found on the games online Achievements over the weekend. The description of the rewards suggests that leaks reported by Rockstar Intel in mid-November were correct in detailing the opening mission of RDR2 Online.