Dust off the wallet and dig up this Artifact for TCG three-lane fun.

Had enough of Hearthstone? Fell out of love with Magic the Gathering? Fancy a new trading card game (TCG) to play? Well, today is your lucky day as Valve has released Artifact via Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Artifact is a digital card game from game designer Richard Garfield and Valve who have created a card game that features the characters from the Dota 2 universe, some of which you can see in the nicely animated release trailer. Using high-res graphics and animations that wouldn’t look out of place in a Pixar movie, the game certainly does look the part, and with the backing of the Steam platform, it has the potential to turn into a massive eSport like Dota 2.

“We hope all gamers enjoy Artifact, especially fans of Dota 2 and card gaming enthusiasts,” said Valve’s Gabe Newell. “Working with Richard Garfield has been an incredible opportunity for everyone at Valve, and we look forward to expanding the game with him based upon feedback and input from the community.”

Along with the launch of Artifact, the Artifact Marketplace has also gone live, where owners of the game can sell and purchase cards from other players to create a stable of playable decks to take on online opponents.

Available for around $20 or £16, Artifact is available via Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux platforms.