Celebrates with a new trailer.

French developer, Novaquark has announced that its MMORPG, Dual Universe, has entered the Alpha stage, marking the game’s biggest development milestone since its Kickstarter in 2016.

Dual Universe is a “continuous, single-shard sandbox MMORPG,” set in a fully editable sci-fi universe with the goal of becoming the “first virtual online civilization, enabling potentially millions of players to shape and share a metaverse of their own.” Gameplay will revolve around player-driven economy, politics, trade, and warfare, unhindered by separate servers, instanced areas, or loading times, thanks to the game’s proprietary technology.

You can check out a new trailer, below.

Some of the features include:

  • World Building: terraform the world and build your own secret base, one voxel at a time
  • Create and Save designs: build your own bases and vehicles with voxels. Save designs of what you build by making blueprints
  • Explore and Harvest: go prospecting to find precious minerals. Sell at the NPC market to buy components for your constructs
  • Craft your components: produce the interactive components you need for your bases and ships.
  • Dual Universe is built around four key pillars: Explore, Build, Trade, Conquer, and the Alpha will allow players to explore the first three of these. Players will be able to build bases or cityscapes and even transport such hovercraft and spaceships. There’s a lot to explore before deciding where you want to settle down, with the starting planet, Alioth, reaching “close to the size of real-life Great Britain.” And there are more planets to come.

    Novaquark has also announced that all Kickstarter backers (regardless of the amount pledged) will be able to join the Alpha allowing the game population to reach over 11.000 players before the end of the year. If you’re interested in getting in on the action, you can support the game by visiting the Dual Universe website.

    “With feedback from over 4,000 players, our pre-alpha stage was incredibly successful, and we’re thrilled that we have a core community of players who are as passionate about the game as we are,” said JC Bailie, Novaquark CEO. “Whilst we’re still unveiling our alpha at this stage, we’re confident that with our community we’ll continue to grow the game into something truly unique in the MMORPG market.”

    Dual Universe is set for a full release on PC in 2020.