Black Ops: Hitman

So, you’ve blown up Sierra Knox while she’s in her car, you managed to get an android to dome Robert Know, and you’ve done so much more in Hitman 2’s Miami playground. But what’s this? Upon trawling through the challenges that have seen you throwing fish into the ocean and murdering Robbie Knox with a shark, you’ve found two challenges titles “Explosive Liaisons” and “Hot Shot,” Neither challenge offers a description and so it’s up to you to figure out just what to do.

But who has time for that? You’ll find some handy instructions for both challenges in Hitman 2’s Miami level right here. Good luck, 47.

Explosive Liaisons Redacted Challenge

What you’ll need:

  • Knox Mechanic outfit (the red one)
  • Kowoon Mechanic outfit (the yellow one)
  • Lockpick
  • One coin

What you need to do:

Right, starting from the Stadium Entrance for Miami, you need to head right, towards a crowd and a small number of security guards. Stick close to the right, so that you’re touching the small wall, and you can get past both guards without being seen if you crouch-run.

You’ll see an open window on the left, jump through that and leave the room. At the end of the corridor is a guard, knock him out, drag him to the room you came from and take his clothes. Now, opposite you is a security hub that should be filled with one guard who can notice you. Enter the hub and wait for the noticer guard to walk away then grab the safe combination note from the desk he was standing behind. You can find the safe in the last room on the right side of the corridor and you’ll pick up a car bomb and a note with a telephone number.

Next, you’ll need to head over to the VIP area of the stadium (stay in you security guard costume and you won’t have an issue with getting in). Go through the white door on the left and knock out the lone mechanic working on the car. You’ll be able to drag him to a box in the garage without being seen after taking his clothes. Then go to the toolbox and prepare for Sierra’s arrival. Make sure you choose the option to place the car bomb on Sierra’s car.

After you’ve placed the bomb, leave the Pit Stop and go downstairs. Follow the corridor around and you’ll enter the changing rooms where you’ll find a Kowoon mechanic outfit on the bench to the left. Put on the disguise and then head back to the Stadium entrance. You’ll see a pay phone near the entrance, use a coin to make a call and Robert Knox will ask to meet you on an overpass. Once the call is finished go through the tunnel on the left and open the locked gate on the right side of the parking entrance. Go up the stairs, wait for Robert Knox to appear, and hand over the detonator when you’re given the option.

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And that’s it! We won’t spoil what happens – though you can probably guess.

Hot Shot Redacted Challenge

What you’ll need:

  • Kowoon Mechanic outfit (the yellow one)
  • Sugar
  • Kronstadt Octane Booster
  • Moses Lee’s outfit

What you’ll need to do:

You can start from where ever you like for this challenge, just make sure you have an outfit that’ll give you access to the VIP area of the racing stadium.

First, make your way to the Knox team party building. On the bottom floor of the area, you’ll see a door on the far left end of the room. Run in there and grab the bag of sugar and then leave the same way you came in.

Follow the red carpet into the building and run past the guard to go downstairs. Follow the corridor and you’ll end up in the changing rooms, where you’ll find both the Yellow mechanic outfit on the bench to the left and a Pit Stop Pass on the bench as you enter the room. Before you go upstairs, lure the guard downstairs, knock him out, and put him in a box.

Now, get back upstairs and enter the Kowoon Pit Stop (the door on the left). Pick up the Krondstadt Octane Booster next to the open garage door in the pit stop then go towards the toolbox and choose the option to put sugar in the Kowoon car. Once the car has broken down, leave the pit stop and go down the stairs that lead to the changing rooms. As Moses Lee leaves the pit stop, use a coin or the fire alarm on the wall to lure him downstairs, then knock him out, put him in a box, and steal his clothes. Two Knox mechanics will walk through there quite quickly so be quick about knocking Lee out.

Now, you should be dressed as Moses Lee and you should have the Octane Booster. So, follow the stairs all the way up and turn right, then go through the double doors that lead to the main bar. You’ll see a table with a bottle of chilli sauce on it. Don’t do anything to the bottle until the couple standing near the table move away (they’ll have a conversation and then piss off eventually). When no-one is watching, poison the chilli sauce with the Octane Booster.

Now it’s just a matter of waiting for Sierra to arrive. Once she does, you can meet her and she’ll challenge you to a drinking game. Walk towards the table and begin playing, you can use your x-ray vision to see which shot has the poison in it. Avoid the shot, leaving Sierra to die a horrible death and you’re all done.

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These are what we found to be the quickest ways to get the redacted challenges completed but if you think you’ve got a quicker way, why not tell us in the comments below and we’ll credit your advice! Or if there’s something else you’d like a helping hand with for Hitman 2, let us know and we’ll see if we can help.