Koch Media and Deep Silver have announced that mystery thriller, Secret Files Tunguska, is now available for Nintendo Switch via the eShop. If you have yet top hear about this interactive title, here’s a brief synopsis:

When Vladimir Kalenkow, a high-ranking scientist looking into the unexplained Tunguska catastrophe from 1908, goes missing, his daughter Nina and his assistant Max are drawn into a conspiracy of epic proportions. Chased across the globe by the Russian intelligence apparatus and a zealous secret society, the two adventurers solve mysteries in Germany, Russia, Cuba, China and even Antarctica. But the more light they shed on the truth, the more they put themselves in danger!

The game features two playable protagonists across the story’s 12+ hours length. Each NPC have their own distinct background stories for you to discover. Players will need to complete requests and complete puzzles across over 100 different locations in order to find the truth. Secret Files Tunguska is fully localized in German, English, Russian, Polish, French, Spanish and Italian.

Deep Silver also plans on releasing all subsequent chapters of the series on Switch as well in the near future.