It’s not that bourgeois.

The episodic adventure, The Council, gets a physical release tomorrow (December 4) and just in time for the game’s Complete Edition. You’ll be able to pick up a boxed version for either the Ps4 or Xbox One before the game’s final episode releases on December 6.

If you’ve seen our reviews for episodes one and two of Cyanide Studio’s The Council, you’ll have some idea what the game offers. Taking place at the height of the Enlightenment era, you play as Louis de Richet, sidekick to his much better connected and gifted mother. The game brings together a host of history’s most notable figures that’ll see you gossiping with George Wahington and being verbally abused by Napoleon.

The physical version of The Council will come included with the first four episodes ready to play. The game’s fifth and final episode, titled Checkmate, will be available as a free download when it arrives on December 6.

While the episodic format is a little played out now, but it does suit The Council’s over the top drama very well. Conversation outcomes grow more and more important as your actions and skills open up some options in conversation and detective work while others are sacrificed. But the real pull of the game is its melodramatic story and it’s certainly the time of year when kicking back with a ridiculous period drama just feels right.

The Council’s Complete Edition is available now for PS4 and Xbox in Europe, but US players will have to hang on until January 22, 2019, for a chance to pick up a boxed version.