So, this is where Fallout 5 was.

Ubisoft has teased a new Far Cry game ahead of its official announcement during the Game Awards later this week. The short video points to the next game possibly being set in America once again, suggesting the game could be a direct sequel to the events of Far Cry 5 – erm spoilers, sorry. As for a release date or anything a bit more concrete, we’ll have to wait until the game is revealed at 1:30 in the morning on Friday to find out.


That’s right, Ubisoft are already lining up another Far Cry announcement, hot off the heels of Far Cry 5’s success earlier this year. The video which accompanies the tweet runs for less than a minute, but there are some clues in there that might tell us a bit more about the next instalment for the series. Or, I might be completely wrong – who knows!?

The teaser opens on what appears to be a familiar setting, showing an isolated house in America’s Heartland before a mushroom cloud rises up in the distance. Anyone who’s completed Far Cry 5 will know that the game wraps up with a nuke going off, and it’s this connection that suggests whatever Ubisoft is revealing at the Game Awards is going to follow on directly from Far Cry 5.

As the video continues, there’s a handful of images that point to players returning to the familiar setting of Far Cry 5 with wheat field shown catching fire, and the narrator saying that “death rolled through our valley.” And if I’m not mistaken, we even see a bit of farming equipment in the video. So look, yes it’s pretty early, but it seems that a return to rural America is a likely one for this next Far Cry game.

Though, what state that America will be in is in question. Because with that pesky atomic blast, the narrator mentions that the game’s world “turned cold and dark” before it passed, giving way to “a new world in bloom.” Some have suggested the comments point to a post-apocalyptic setting. But instead of a wasteland setting similar to the Fallout series, it seems like this new Far Cry game will pick up after civilisation has had a bit of time to get things moving again – maybe.

As for whatever the antagonist we face in the game is, we’re not sure. The narrator simply says that the hope people had in this new world was wrong. Though, that does lead to a nice little bit of footage that shows someone attaching a razor coil… thing, to a weapon which could mean that we’ll see a bit more weapon customisation in this next game.

This is mostly guesswork at the moment, we’ll have to wait and see what Ubisoft reveal at The Game Awards for some more solid details. And you can catch the awards from 1:30 am on Friday, December 7 if you’re in the UK, while the following dates and times apply to the following:

  • New York: 8.30pm on Thursday, 6 December
  • Los Angeles: 5.30pm on Thursday, 6 December
  • Japan: 10.30am on Friday, 7 December
  • Austrailia: 11.30am on Friday, 7 December

(Times via GamesRadar+)