Check out the car-nage in this trailer.

NMC Studios has teamed up with Skybound Games to bring notmycar to Steam, an all-new battle royale with – yes, you guessed it – cars. The game is heading into its first Closed Beta “Test-drive” weekend on December 8.

You can check out the trailer below, which shows off the fast-paced, colourful carnage.

In what, quite honestly, sounds like my own personal version of Hell (my in-game driving skills are somewhat lacking), notmycar drops players onto a huge island where they must equip their vehicles with weapons and abilities and do their best to survive the carnage to be the last car standing.

Only a select number of players will get an invite to the closed beta but if you’re interested in test-driving notmycar this weekend, you should head over to the official site and sign up before December 7. The play session begins from 8pm GMT (12pm PDT) on both December 8 and 9.

“Skybound’s constant goal is to create quality content for our fans and new fans alike,” said Skybound Games CEO Ian Howe. “notmycar is an incredible concept and we’re excited to share this Test Drive with our community. Their voice directly effects the products we’re going to focus on, so being able to get their feedback at this point is a huge opportunity.”

The Battle Royale isn’t the first game genre to receive the vehicular treatment; Heavy Metal Machines has brought motorised madness to its own version of a MOBA – and looks equally as chaotic.

We have no information yet on notmycar’s launch date on Steam, though it’s probably fair to say it’s going to be a 2019 release. We can expect to hear more in the coming weeks.