Is EA jumping on their own grenade?

It seems hard to believe, but yes, Battlefield V has already been reduced to 50% of its launch price for veteran players that either own Battlefield 1 or Battlefield Hardline. Highlighted by Reddit user ‘u/Beakerishere’ the offer appeared on the Xbox version of BF1. You can check out the Reddit Post here.

What are your thoughts on this? As a Veteran player myself who picked up a copy of Battlefield V on release, I’m not particularly happy about it. A game that has only been out for two weeks has now been reduced by half of its original asking price.

With lots of press about reduced sales versus Battlefield 1, it’s easy to understand why EA is trying to shift more units, but at what cost? Surely this type of marketing strategy will put even more players off from buying the next in the serious on launch day or Early Access if they think they will be able to get it a boat-load cheaper just two weeks later.

Time will undoubtedly tell whether or not this price reduction will boost sales of Battlefield V but in the meantime if you’ve been looking for a copy of Battlefield V then this is a great opportunity to pick it up. Check out the GGSgamer review of Battlefield V and see what we thought about it.

Is this a good move? Or is EA jumping on their own grenade here? Why don’t you let us know in the comments if you think this move will put you off of buying a future Battlefield title on release day.