Fraggin’ hell.

There are a fair few changes coming to Quake Champions this month, with a new mode, map, and progress path opening up for players. The new progress system seems a lot more streamlined and allows players to use rewards for a specific hero rather than just getting random gear for characters you never use. Quake Champions introduced a free to play version of the game earlier this year.

Quake Champions hasn’t quite been a title to set the gaming world alight, seemingly having been in early access forever and looking like it’ll stay there for the foreseeable future. But Bethesda and id are working on a few changes that’ll look to shake the game up a bit. First up is the long-awaited introduction of the classic Capture the Flag mode. The mode has been something the game’s community has been asking for a long time, and the game has finally obliged them.

It seems like the CTF mode will be available for all maps when it launches but players will also get a new map, Citadel, that’s been designed with CTF in mind. And the press release mentions that fans of Quake Live may see similarities between Citadel and the Stone Keep map.

Though, the biggest changes to Quake Champions are those coming to how the game actually works. Players will see an entirely revamped progress system rolled out in December. The changes will see Seasons introduced in the game, with players now earning free and premium awards based on the progress they make in each season. The chests and backpacks you used to earn from logging in on a daily basis looks as if it’ll be a thing of the past. Don’t freak out just yet though, friendo. Because players will get a chest for every 300 shards they have stacked up.

Replacing the system will be a reward scheme that’ll let you pick which hero gets the reward you earn. Basically, you won’t have to deal with only ever playing as Nyx but always getting outfits for Galena, finally, There’s a lot going on in these changes, but it’s probably best explained with the patch notes tagline: “Frag. Level Up. Unlock Rewards.”

We’re not sure when we’ll see these changes and new modes go live for Quake Champions, but Bethesda has said that Season One will last around three months.