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Hello there! Well, it’s Thursday and that can only mean it’s time for another of our Indie News Roundup segments. And with new games on the horizon, updates of others, and something a little strange, we’ve got everything you need to know to get caught up with the latest going-ons in the indie world.

Legacy of the Beast Returns with Night City

Mobile game developer Navigator Games has teamed up with Iron Maiden for the next stage of Legacy of the Beast’s story. That’s right, Iron Maiden – a fairly well-known band – has teamed up with the developer to bring a reimagined London, based on the band’s first two albums, to life for the RPG.

The whole thing sounds similar to what Motorhead did with Victor Vran developers, Haemimont Games. With iconic artwork from Iron Maiden’s works being bought to life in the game, the Legacy of the Beast team said that the “original Killers art has provided us with a rich, inspirational background to explore and then re-configure for the excitement of our hordes of players.”

;egacy of the beast night city ggs gamer

The next chapter of Legacy of the Beast’s story includes 72 new quests, a host of new achievements, and some new characters that include the iconic Killers Eddie, bought to life from Iron Maiden’s album artwork.

If you haven’t tried the game out yet, it’s free to play on iOS and Android, so give it a whirl if you’re an Iron Maiden fan or just looking to see what a Mobile RPG offers.

The Last Night is slowly coming along

Cast your mind back to Microsoft’s 2017 E3 conference. We saw Assassin’s Creed Origins for the first time, the Xbox One X was announced, and we got a quick but jaw-dropping look at cyber-punk adventure The Last Night. But since that conference, the pixelated, neon-drenched game has gone pretty quiet.

Thankfully, it seems that the game hasn’t entered the dreaded development hell though. Speaking with The Indie Game Website, Tim Soret (director of The Last Night) said that the game was ticking along – slowly, but surely. He said that the video shown at E3 was an early iteration of the game and that “while there was a 20 min demo existing, the code architecture wasn’t flexible enough for a fully reactive open world.”

Soret went on to say that because of the open-world style of The Last Night’s world the team “can’t really produce the first level and show it.” That sounds far more worrying than what Soret seems to be referring to though. He goes on to say that the team at Odd Tale, which has grown from four to 12 in the past year, aren’t concerned with releasing a demo as it’s something that would shift the priorities of the game.

Instead, Soret said that the team has had “the opportunity to show the game, but ultimately we chose to continue progress.” And Soret is confident that The Last Night is heading in the right direction, saying “I think next time you’ll see the game, you’ll be blown away by the scope & quality of what we’re doing.”

There’s still no clear indication for when we’ll next get a look at The Last Night and we’re no closer to knowing when the game will be released. But at least we know the game hasn’t been forgotten about.

Beyond Blue is basically Blue Planet: The Game

BBC has teamed up with E-Line Media to create Beyond Blue, an underwater exploration game that’s been created as a celebration of Blue Planet II coming to Netflix.

E-Line is the team behind Never Alone, and they’re looking to bring a similar message about conservation to Beyond Blue. The game will follow an oceanic researcher named Mirai as she explores… well, the ocean. Other than exploration, we’re not sure what other gameplay we’ll see from Beyond Blue, but Michael Angst, E-Line’s founder, told Variety that “We hope to present the player with morally complex questions, ones that have real world stakes.”

beyond blue new trailer

Players will also be treated to exclusive clips from Blue Planet II in the game, as both BBC and E-Line look to underline the collaborative message about ocean conservation.

Beyond Blue will be available on “select consoles” – so we’re not sure which of the three will be in that sought-after inner-circle, but PC players will also be able to go… under the sea, in early 2019.

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