Need to farm some CP? Egg-cellent.

So, you’re nearing the end of Final Fantasy 13 and you want farm CP in order to max out everyone’s roles on the Crystarium. With the CP requirement so high at this point in the game, you might be wondering if there’s an efficient way of doing it.

Luckily there is! Look no further than our oh-so-convenient guide! The video will show you how to easily beat Cie’th Stone Mission 55, which rewards you with the Growth Egg accessory, doubling your CP gains. It will also show you the best farming spot to grind CP which, though repetitive, requires very little effort.

And If you’re having trouble with any of the Cie’th Stone locations, check out our handy guide.

As always, if you think we’ve missed something (or just want to tell us how wonderful the guide is!) feel free to leave us a comment below.