Another wave arrives on December 17.

Each Christmas sees the inevitable must-have-item that everybody scrambles for and this year, it seems that Fortnite is trying to make the most of its success by launching a ‘limited stock’ collectibles range, available from today across the UK.

Launched by Worlds Apart and Moose Toys, the new collection has a choice of 20 poseable 5cm figures which includes Skull Trooper, Omega, and Cuddle Team Leader. The Fortnite Collectibles range is available from today at Smyths Toys and can be purchased separately or in Duo (two) or Squad (four) packs.

The first wave is available today while the second release is coming on December 17.

Not content with dominating the battle royale genre, with over 45 million players celebrated, earlier this year, as well as a new creative mode launching this week on December 13 (or last week if you own the Season 7 Battle Pass), Fortnite wants to get in on the stocking-filler action too.

You can grab the Fortnite Collectibles range now from Smyths Toys.