We’re pretty Nier to the release date.

Square Enix has announced that a Nier Automata GOTY Edition will be arriving on PS4 and PC in late February 2019, oh – the “Y” stands for Yorha. It’s been a game that’s only gone from strength to strength for developers PlatinumGames, with Nier being praised by both critics and players for its creative gameplay. The GOTY Edition will come with a handful of extra goodies when it releases on February 26 next year. There’s no word yet as to when or if Xbox One players will get a similar GOTY version of the game.

It seems fitting for a game like Nier, that’s subverted so many conventions of its genre, to subvert yet another. Opting out of the familiar Game of the Year Edition, Nier will be shipping its Game of the Yorha Edition. If you’ve been waiting for a reason to finally pick the game up, then it looks like you’ll get your chance with the game’s complete edition landing on February 26, for PS4 and Steam.

The GOTY Edition will come complete with the 3C3C1D119440927 expansion (catchy name) but that’s the only expansion to have arrived for Nier. In lieu of extra more gameplay, the GOTY Edition instead throws six pod desings your way, along with a Machine Mask accessory. PS4 players will get a dynamic theme of the game plus 15 Nier-based avatars, while Steam players get… two wallpapers, cool.

It looks like it’ll be an expensive February at the turn of the year if you’re aiming to picki everything up. Not only is Resident Evil 2 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3 arriving at the end of January, but the new Far Cry game will arrive on Febrauary 15, but Metro Exodus and Bioware’s Anthem are aiming for a February 22 release,