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Dual Universe Ship Building Contest in Full Swing

Novaquark has celebrated the launch of space MMORPG Dual Universe’s alpha version with a contest for players. Those of you who backed the project on Kickstarter are invited to a spaceship buidling contest as Novaquark look to carry out some extensive tests for the game.

The contest started on December 20 and will run until January 7, with the developer naming the winner after the contest closes. Players were asked to build “the most kickass vehicle.” Though if that’s a bit vague then you can have a look at the criteria the devs will be taking into account when choosing a winner:

  • The Construct must be a Dynamic one.
  • The Construct must use a 16m or 32m Dynamic Core Unit
  • The Construct must have a Sci-Fi vibe.
  • The Construct should be good looking and original.
  • The Construct shouldn’t seem inspired from a copyrighted asset coming from a popular franchise/universe.
  • The Construct can be built by a team of up to 5 players.
  • In case of a team, only the owner will be considered as the winner.
  • The Construct owner must gather the following information about his Construct:
dual universe ship building contest

Novaquark will name three winners, each of whom will see thie designs showcased in a dev blog, they’ll all receive a framed poster of their design, and will receive beta keys to share with friends. The Third Place winner will receive one key, the runner-up will receive two keys, and the winner will get three keys to share with friends.

The ship building contest will run until January 7 and hopefully, we’ll see some pretty cool designs during that time.

Close to the Sun Looks Good Ahead of 2019 Release

The latest title from developers Storms in a Teacup and Wired Productions looks set to offer a creepy little adventure if the trailer for Close to the Sun is anything to go by.

We’re not entirely sure of what to expect from the game, though we know that it’s set aboard a ship designed by Nikola Tesla near the end of the 19th Century. You play as a journalist called Rose who’s looking for her lost sister and presumably ready to blow any story she comes across wide open.
We’ve been promised more to come from the game in the coming months but there’s already quite a bit to get excited about. Though comparisons between Close to the Sun and the likes of Bioshock and Prey are a little inevitable. Close to the Sun offers a similar art-deco style of setting, with modernist-styled posters littering the ship-deck and gaudy areas mixing in with the gloomy and explosive service areas of the ship. It’s far from a bad thing fot the game and hopefully will scratch that particular itch for any of you looking for a return to those types of environments.

There’s no release date for Close to the Sun yet but it’s being touted for a 2019 release.

And Finally… Desolate Arrives Gets a Full Release in January

Who fancies exploring a spooky and most-likely dangerous island? Well, you’ll get your chance soon as survival-horror Desolate jogs out of early access with a full release on January 17. Desolate sees you either teaming up with three other players or going solo as you explore an island and uncover its many mysteries. Having been in early access since February, the full release will see Desolate introduce some new features for the game.

The majority of these changes are pretty vague, only noting them as new side-quests and an expanded story, but at least you know the story is there! Along with theat, the full release will introduce a fast travel system and a new levelling system, as well as a selection of new weapons and enemy and player re-balancing.

desolate release date

Desolate falls prey to some of those less attractive tropes of survival games but the majority of players who’ve spent time with it have suggested that the game’s catalogue of explorable sites makes it worthwhile game, especially for those of you who enjoy that genre.

Well, that’s it for the Indie News Roundups in 2018. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading them or at least seen something pretty cool that you wouldn’t have known. Have a great Christmas and a happy New Year, and we’ll see you back here in 2019!