This year’s Christmas Truce will raise awareness for deforestation.

A Christmas Truce is arriving in Verdun, the FPS set in the World War 1 era, and you can get involved in raising awareness for deforestation by planting a tree among the trenches.

The Christmas Truce allows players to engage each other in snowball fights, play football matches, and exchange Christmas cards on a special winter map. This year brings the additional tree-planting activity, partly inspired by the German soldiers who planted small Christmas trees along the trenches in 1914 and players will be able to plant their own Christmas tree in support of the charity, Trees for All.

Verdun developers, M2H, challenge players to plant at least 2.500 trees in-game to help raise awareness for the charity. In return, players will have their name carved into the ‘Tree log’ credit list as well as receiving this year’s Christmas Truce medal. Additionally, M2H will donate 2,500 trees to Trees for All which will be planted in the Netherlands and Uganda at the end of 2019.

Previous years have seen The Christmas Truce support the War Child charity and their campaign ‘Children in Conflict.’

“Christmas was a momentous time in World War 1, as during the darkness and untold misery of war our common humanity prevailed and both sides laid down their arms to celebrate. The developers of the WW1 Game Series celebrate this extraordinary event annually with an in-game Christmas Truce, as has become a tradition among Verdun players as well as earning the commemorative Christmas truce medal!”

Verdun, a ‘tactical squad-based FPS,’ was first released in 2015 on PC and followed on the PlayStation 4 the following year, and Xbox One in 2017. The game has recently received a huge update, adding a new 64 player game mode, a new map set on the St Mihiel Salient and the Sénégalese Tirailleurs squad with four new weapons.

Verdun is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.