It was all a Quantic Dream… or was it?

The team behind Detroit: Become Human has teased that some major news is on the way. The Frech developer teased the news in a tweet that wished everyone a happy new year, though just what this news is, we don’t know.

Considering that Detroit hasn’t been out for too long, a new game announcement seems unlikely, so perhaps we’ll be seeing some DLC for the game in the coming days?

Though a thread on ResetEra thinks the tease could be something a lot bigger. The thread suggests that Quantic Dream could be about to announce an acquisition from Sony but there’s nothing much to support that claim apart from the close relationship between the developer and publisher.

Detroit: Become Human arrived last year and was received with fairly mixed opinion. Our Viki thought that the idea was a good one but essentially let down by a lack of depth.

(Via Videogamer)