It’s hella good news.

The Xbox Game Pass has started 2019 off in a pretty strong way, with the Netflix style service offering fans the chance to pick up the prequel to Life is Strange, Life is Strange: Before the Storm. We’ve also seen reports that survival epic, ARK: Survival Evolved has released on Game Pass but are yet to see it listed on the service.

Before the Storm is joined by the original Life is Strange collection as well, meaning that if you have a Game Pass membership, you can play through the entrireity of Chloe and Max’s adventure for free.

Before the Storm picks up the story before Max returns to Arcadia Bay, following Chloe’s journey to painfully annoying teenager. Unfortunately, the prequel doesn’t hit the same heights as the mainline story, with Chloe’s jarringly simplistic “beat system” replacing Max’s far more useful and fun to use time-bending powers.

Still, the introduction of the episodic adventure is the latest of what’s been a pretty great lineup for the Game Pass. We’ve seen the likes of Hellblade, Strange Brigade, PES 2019, and BELOW all make their way on to the serice recently as Game Pass quickly becomes something of a necessiity for getting the most out of your Xbox.

Reports have surfaced that suggest ARK: Survival Evolved has also joined the Gme Pass, we haven’t seen any official listings yet but will update this article as and when confirmation arrives.