Just in time for the demo, what a coincidence!

The latest Anthem trailer has dropped just before CES 2019 arrives and it focuses pretty heavily on how damned good the game looks. Well, how good it looks in 4K, being an nVidia trailer, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the trailer bleeds lens flare along with making the most from a handful of hefty monsters, and of course the Iron Man suits – oh, I mean Javelin suits.

The voiceover of the trailer is all geared towards Anthem on the PC, with the Nvidia engine throwing out some ridiculously good-looking gameplay that’s sure to have at least a few mouths watering when you watch the trailer. But as for the gameplay itself? There’s nothing strikingly new on offers; we see each of the new Javelin suits at work, with players using the varied mechanics of each suit build to take down a handful of lovely looking monsters before flying off through the dense, futuristic jungles we’ve seen a few times before.

The good news is that we won’t have to rely on trailers too much longer in order to get an idea of what Anthem offers. The demo will be available for players on January 25, which will prove to be our best chance to seeing whether Anthem can still offer the meaty stories that players are hoping for. BioWare devs have seemed reluctant to speak about the story in detail, and with the news that Anthem can be played in a non-linear style, with players able to participate in story sensitive missions whether they’ve progressed that far or not, the signs do seem to suggest that social gameplay trumped storytelling for Anthem. Though we could be entirely wrong in that respect, we’ll have to wait until January 25 to see.