What’s indie news today?

Hello and welcome to the first of our Indie News Roundups for 2019 – hooray! That’s right, we’re back with the only weekly update you need about all the latest going-ons in the indie-sphere? Indie-verse? Okay, just indie games. So, let’s not waste anymore time and get straight to it.

Rebellion splash the cash some more with Ticktock Acquisition

G=Having recently opened up a film studio, you might think that Rebellion – the team behind Strange Brigade and more – would be counting the pennies. Well, the developer and publisher certainly has been counting its pennies, using them to buy up the indie veteran outfit Ticktock Games. Ticktock a nd Rebellion do share a past together, suggesting that Rebellion were happy with the work put in on Ticktock’s best know project, the Rogue Trooper Redux, and decided to bring them on board.

The acquisition will see Ticktock rebranded as Rebellion North, now the fourth studio in the Rebellion family along with Rebellion Liverpool, Warwick, and the Oxford-based headquaters of the company.

Rebellion North has already been at work on a handful of unannounced games from Rebellion, though a press release states that all the games are set to arrive in 2019/

My Time at Portia gets a January Release

You might remember a while back we reported that Animal Crossing-esque game, My Time at Portia, was set to leave early access early this year. But we now have a specific date for the game’s full release, with the game available as a complete game from January 15.

The game sees you working on your ol’ da’s farm, with the main task being to make it stop being an awful eyesore. Though, along with that unfair job left to you – the person who wanted nothing to do with a farm – you can also go and explore the town of Portia. Similar to Animal Crossing, you can speak to you fellow villagers and get to know them a bit better, pick up bits and pieces for your farm, and explain that you father was an evil bastard who managed to still ruin you life from beyond the grave by making you work on a farm. I’m assuming your father is dead in the game.

Fear the Wolves gets a new Game Mode

The latest update to Vostock’s battle royale, Fear the Wolves, introduces a host of changes to the game and a new game mode, Unified.

Unified teams players up together, as you try to take on other players the wolves, and the constant bouts of radiation, as you try to make your way to safety. You’ll still be able to play in Unified as a solo player but as you might expect, you’ll likely be outnumbered.

The update also saw a vaulting mechinc introduced, helpful for all that running and jumping you tend to end up doing in the game, while the introduction of voice chat means players will no longer have to rely on Discord for their party chats, especially if you’re giving Unified a go. There’s also a Waiting Room for players to practise in while they wait for matches to load, and matchmaking itself has been speeded up – making us question why a waiting room was introduced.

Fear the Wolves is avaialble through early access right now, we had a go on it and thought it was pretty fun, even if our John was quite rubbish at it.