A recap of the entire Kingdom Hearts series – this time, it’s the really pretty movie that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

So we started with the recap of χ[chi], and this time, we’re turning the page, so to speak, to look at a point of view we didn’t get to see last time – the story of the Foretellers, the leaders of the five unions in χ[chi]. Originally released as part of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue (which we actually reviewed), back in 2017, as a movie, it certainly looks gorgeous. It’s rendered with Unreal Engine 4 and makes use of the famous Kingdom Shader (which is being used on Kingdom Hearts III), and was supposed to catch up fans who hadn’t quite dared to take on 750 + quests in the mobile game. Unfortunately, it’s pretty cryptic, but I’m here to break it down as best I can.

Master of psyching people out

Years before the start of the main story of the franchise (and we’re talking centuries, here), the light was protected by seven Keyblade wielders, living in Daybreak Town. These are the Master of Masters (no. 1 sketchy dude in a cloak), and his six apprentices, who were originally introduced back in χ[chi], and these guys are the head of the unions. These apprentices are Ira (who leads Unicornis), Aced (Ursus), Gula (Leopardus), Ava (Vulpes), Invi (Anguis), and Luxu, and no one’s quite sure what his deal is.

Originally, they’re all working together to protect the world from the darkness, and train the next generation of wielders. Pretty simple, right? Unfortunately, the Book of Prophecies has foreseen a huge disaster, and the world’s going to end. What does the Master of Masters do about this? Sow doubt, divide and conquer, give Luxu an inexplicable mission, then up and disappear.

Image courtesy of the KH Wiki.

But let’s backtrack a little bit – before he goes, the Master elects Ira leader (just in case he, y’know, disappears and doesn’t come back), and then gives each of his apprentices specific roles to play. He meets with Ira, gives him a copy of the Book of Prophecies, and brushes off Ira’s questions about averting the war – it’s fate, you can’t change it. and focus on the future, though Ira is determined to change this by collecting enough wielders together.

Invi, on the other hand, is tasked with observing and mediating between the Foretellers. She’s rightfully concerned about the whole “lead impressionable children and form our own unions,” thing, but the Master reassures her; change is necessary, and her heart will guide her true. She’s also given a Book.

Next comes Aced – he’s supposed to be keeping an eye on, and assisting Ira as his right hand man when Ira takes over as leader. This is initially a disappointment for him, but he’s told that Ira’s leadership may be questioned someday, so then Aced can step up, with his handy Book. Gula, meanwhile, is given the Lost Page from the Book of Prophecies along with his own copy, and is told that there’s a traitor among the apprentices, and he has to find out who this is, and stop them. Gula quickly figures out that’s why they were all given their roles, because anyone who acts out of character is the traitor. The Master’s confirms his deductions, and his departing advice to him is to trust no one but himself.

Ava has a more proactive role – avoid the prophesied Keyblade War, gather Keyblade Wielders, no matter their union, and and form the Dandelions, who will flee to another world to ensure they survive the war. She’s given a list of five children who have to be part of the Dandelions, and will become the new union leaders – we don’t get to see who these people are, though. Only one of them is meant to get a copy of the Book of Prophecies. Finally, there’s Luxu, the big mystery. He’s given a keyblade with, quite literally, the Master’s eye embedded into its blade, and it’ll need to be passed down from master to apprentice, so the eye can see history and events unfold, which is how the Book of Prophecies was written, with its foresight.

Clued up fans will also realise that, somehow, Master Xehanort ends up with this keyblade – No Name. To stop paradoxes, Luxu doesn’t get his own copy of the Book, but instead told to protect the Black Box, stay out of the fights, and just observe. Of course, Luxu has to ask what’s in the box, and whatever the Master tells him, he’s shocked by the answer. He then sets off, last seen in the Keyblade Graveyard.

Then, of course, it all falls apart.

So, it turns out that the Master of Masters actually created those cute little Chirithy’s that follow players around, to aid them, but will turn into a Nightmare if their wielder falls to darkness. One day, Ira discovers exactly that – a Dark Chirithy wandering around, suggesting that one of the Foretellers has succumbed to darkness, and one of them is indeed a traitor, including “the one who bears the sigil,” which is most likely the Recusant’s Sigil (the X symbol, which is how Xehanort later tracks people). They all suspect Aced, but there’s nothing foretold in the Book, or any further evidence, to suggest this. He tries to strike up an alliance with Gula, but Invi quickly dissolves it, as alliances were forbidden by the Master. Of course, this makes Aced think she is the traitor, and they fight, with Ava and Gula rushing to stop them.

Things go from bad to worse when they all find out Gula has the Lost Page, and this page confirms the presence of a traitor. It’s Gula’s turn to get beaten up by Aced, and Ava rushes in to save his life, with Ira coming along to stop Aced, though they eventually reconcile their differences. Ira tries to speak to Gula, to find out exactly what the Lost Page says, but is chased off by Ava, who is taking care of him. Gula instead tells Ava that he plans to summon Kingdom Hearts, in order to force the Master to return, and finally find out what the Lost Page means. Everything has fallen apart since he left, and this seems like the only option. He wants Ava to help, but she refuses – she can’t justify all out war.

The Dandelions emerge.

Ava realises that there’s nothing she can do to prevent the war, and begins gathering the Dandelions, telling them to keep preparing to go to “the world outside,” and puts her hope for the future in them. The movie closes out with Luxu in the Keyblade Graveyard, with the No Name keyblade, and the Black Box, labelled “χ Super,” and murmurs “May your heart be your guiding key.”

So, still confused? I can’t blame you – Back Cover doesn’t do a particularly good job as catch up material. In fact, I’d almost call it supplementary material for those who followed the mobile game. Unfortunately, it looks to be essential knowledge for III (mostly the Chirithy’s and the Book of Prophecies), as well as all the stuff that’s going to come in the Unchained recap, which will be the next post in the series. So, let me know what you think in the comments, call me for any glaring errors, and I’d love to hear your theories!