Who’s indie mood for some news?

Well, January is halfway done which means people are finally starting to acclimatise to being alive again. But with so much going down in indie town (I instantly regret that), what a time to be alive it is! So, get yourself a post-work/school/university cup of tea, find yourself a seat, and get up to date with the indie news over the last week.

Smiles all-round as We Happy Few arrives on the Xbox Game Pass

Compulsion Games’ retro=futuristic adventure, We Happy Few, is one of three titles joining the Xbox Game Pass this month.

We Happy Few got off to a bit of a rough start when it finally, finally released last year. Unfortunately, the game arrived riddled with bugs despite having spent a fair bit of time in the Xbox Preview Program.Thankfully, the majority of the game’s bugs have been ironed out after a series of patches were introduced in the early months of the game’s release.

If you missed We Happy Few the first time around, it’s well worth a look. Featuring a story that revolves around three characters, a trippy little world that pops with colour, and an interesting mechanic that requires players to self-medicate, a feature that saw We Happy Few temporarily banned in Australia.

We Happy Few is joined by The Lego Movie Videogame today, while Shadow of War and Saints Row: The Third will be available on the Xbox Game Pass from January 24.

The Last Night isn’t in trouble, despite the financial woes at Odd Tales

The Last Night is still happening says the studio’s founder and lead designer of stylish cyberpunk title, The Last Night. At the turn of the year, Soret took to Twitter, where he announced that after a string of business and legal disputes, the studio was now looking for a new source of funding. He also confirmed that the game was supposed to have a new trailer shown at the Game Awards last year, but the spot had to be pulled.

The tweet naturally led to suggestions that the game could be cancelled, though Tim Soret assured fans that these concerns simply weren’t warranted. In a tweet, Soret explained that “The Last Night is still in development. The team is still working. Any rumors of cancelation are untrue and frankly baffling. Yes we have been in a delicate position for the last few months. We are solving it.”

We did get to see a shot of how The Last Night is looking since it was announced in 2017, with the game definitely looking a lot sharper. Hopefully, we’ll see a bit more later this year.

And Finally… Katana ZERO is basically Classic Ninja Gaiden on acid

Devolver Digital has teamed up with developer Askiisoft for the rapid and stylish looking Katana ZERO. Featuring break-neck action wrapped up in a stylish desig that’s built around the game’s pixel art and devastatingly good music. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourselves.

Along with the game’s fast-paced action and instadeath styled gameplay, you’re able to rewind time in a bid to slash a few extra enemies. The rewind features seems a little reminiscent of the likes of Braid or Super Time Force Ultra, which used time-bending mechanics mixed in with puzzles.

Katana ZERO is set to arrive on Steam and Switch at some point in March this year and it’s got a few of us here pretty excited about it.