If you missed out on the Dark Souls games, don’t worry as Bandai Namco has your back. The publisher/developer announced Dark Souls Trilogy for PS4 and Xbox One.

As its names implies, this bundle will include all Dark Souls 3 games. Additionally, the collection will also include all of the DLC released during each’s game’s initial post-launch.

For the collector in you, Bandai Namco has a Collector’s Edition currently available for pre-order on the official Bandai Namco European website. Along with the games and DLC, this edition, limited to 2000 copies, will include:

  • A high-quality, numbered and hand-painted 34cm Elite Knight at the Bonfire statue
  • The Dark Souls Trilogy soundtrack spread across six CDs containing the music from all three games
  • A 460-page Dark Souls Trilogy compendium which contains illustrated maps with boss and NPC locations, item encyclopedia, bestiary of enemies and bosses, and a manuscript of all dialogue from each game reiterate. Unfortunately, this little bonus is only available in English

The Dark Souls Trilogy is set for a May 31st release.