One of THQ Nordic’s many developers, Handygames, announced their plans to bring Stunt Kite Party to the Nintendo Switch on February 8 2019. The game will be available on eShop for £8.99 / €9.99 / $9.99.

Stunt Kite Party is a kite game where players can play with up to three of their friends.

While it’s a co-op party game, it also include a hefty story mode. As a gifted young pilot who arrived in the Big City only to discover that kiting is against the law. With your new friends, players set out to prove to the Mayor that kitting is harmless and should not be banned.

One you’re done with the story, you’ll be able to tackle 10 game modes and create your tournaments. As players progress through the story and various game modes, they’ll be able to unlock new characters, kites and skins.