Maybe it’s not so innocent after all.

Developer Asobos has begun a new webseries giving us a behind-the-scenes look at upcoming adventure A Plague Tale. The first episode, titled Roots of Innocence: Innocence, follows the relationship between protagonist Amicia and her five-year-old brother, Hugo.

Speaking about the relationship between Amicia and Hugo, narrative designer Sebastien Renard explains that amidst the dangers of being caught by the Inquisition and those pesky plague rats, looking after Hugo becomes Amicia’s – and by extension your – greatest concern.

Kevin Choteau, the game’s director, also chimes in during the first episode. Choteau explains that the world Amicia and Hugo are travelling through represents Europe in its most unforgiving state. The plague that’s spreading leaves both children witnessing brutal acts on a regular basis. And the director teases what kind of effect this has on the two characters, asking what “will Hugo’s state of mind resemble at the end of the game?” It’s an interesting one that many probably hadn’t considered beforehand, and with Amicia having to kill guards to ensure her and Hugo’s safety, the psychological aspect sounds like it’ll add an intersting extra layer to the story.

It isn’t clear how many of these faeturette episodes we’ll see before A Plague Tale launches on May 14 but we’re hoping it’s a lot.