Get indie know.

Well, this week’s just flown by hasn’t it? It’s been a busy one here at GGS Gamer too, but we’ve managed to carve out some time to bring you lovely lot a quick-fire roundup of what’s been going on with indie games this week. So, let’s get straight to it.

Nintendo’s Indie Highlights trailer showed off CrossCode and more

With no Nintendo Direct show to speak of this year, Nintendo decided to put the focus on the indie games heading to the Switch this year, and there are quite a few that are worth keeping an eye on.

While the likes of Goat Simulator’s GOATY Edition, and the physics-based puzzler When Ski Lifts Go Wrong were announced and released dor the Switch in yesterday’s trailer, we’ll have to wait a while for a few other titles.

Wargroove was one of the few games in the tailer to get a specific release date, with the turn-based strategy game heading to Switch and PC on February 1. With a slick looking design and gameplay that teases its depth in the trailer, it could well be worth a look if you’ve been looking for a strategy game to get lost in.

As for everything else that was shown? Dates were an elusive things, the majority of games got a 2019 release window, with sci-fi RPG CrossCode maing its way on to the Switch after a successful stint on PC. With an art style that’s eerily similar to Chrono Trigger but with a fast-paced feel to combat, it’s something that’s certainly piqued our interest.

We also got a first look at new card-battle RPG SteamWorld Quest, though nothing more than a 2019 release window. Again, the design seems like it’ll be the big pull for SteamWorld Quest, while its deck-building gameplay offers something that few games on the Switch are doing.

Unfortunatley, the Indie Highlights trailer didn’t give us any information about when the next Nintendo Direct would be.

Cuphead developer had a chat about what it’s working on

Canadian developer behind 2017’s Cuphead, MDHR Studio, has already got a few big ideas in the works for its next game. Speaking in an interview with Red Bull, Marija Moldenhauer (producer and lead artist) said that “I’m just really loving what we do. And the ideas we have for the next game are pretty epic.”

Fair enough, it’s not much to go on. But considering that Cuphead’s next expansion, The Delicious Last Course, is set to arrive this year, it’s exciting to see the studio already bouncing ideas around for its next project. No doubt that it’s still in an early concept stage so don’t expect to hear anything of note for some time.

Conarium is another Lovecraftian horror and it’s coming to console

Looks like Lovecraft is the hot ticket in games once again. With Call of Cthulhu dropping last year, The Sinking City set for a March release, and Conarium being announced for consoles, it seems everyone wants a piece of the Old Ones.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Conarium, it’s been on PC for a while, but will be heading to PS4 and Xbox One in February. The game isn’t so much survival horror as it is a spooky walking-sim, in the same vein as Layers of Fear. Meaning that along with a fair few scares, players will also have to solve a handful of puzzles as they progress through the story.

Players follow the story of four scientists who are looking to push the boundaries of nature in a game that’s a loose sequel to the Mountains of Madness series. Conarium will come to PS4 and Xbox One on February 12, but you can pick it up right now for PC.