Technology is… bad!?

Just Cause developer Avalanche Studio has announced that co-op shooter, Generation Zero, will be arriving on PS4 and PC on March 26. Offering similar gameplay to the Left 4 Dead series, Generation Zero was announced last year and looks set to offer a pretty dense world and, well, lots of killer robots.

You play as one of a group of friends recently back from an island expedition. On your return you notice that everyone has inexplicably vanished, replaced by a bunch of killer robots – awesome. What follows is a desperate cross-country trip across Sweden as you try to figure out what happened to everyone while trying to not get murderised by robots.

Avalanche has confirmed that Generation Zero will be available for $40/£35/€35 for PS4, while the PC version will be a little cheaper. Those who pre-order t he game will also get the Radical Vanity pack, which includes 12 cosmetic items.

While you can play through the game solo, Generation Zero looks like it’s designed with co-op gameplay as its priority.