Did Anthem move you? Or demo-ralise you?

The Anthem VIP demo has been running this past weekend, and with lots of interstellar hype leading up to its release, BioWare had their work cut out for them if they wanted to impress the baying audience of gaming fans that have been waiting with bated breath.

Now, everyone is aware of the login/server issues that unfortunately plagued the first day of the demo, and rather than ignore the complaints, BioWare’s Head of Live Services came out and made some statements about the issues and what would be happening to fix these problems going forward.

But let’s put the connection issues aside, as I can’t think of any game of this scale that has had a perfectly smooth launch. So let’s focus on the gameplay and visual experience that was available to players of the VIP demo.

For the first time – players were able to don their Javelin suits and begin exploring the dangerous, mysterious and ever-changing world outside the walls of Ft. Tarsis. The game looked graphically stunning, and flying was smooth, with rather satisfying combat. Let us know in the comments what you personally thought about the demo, if you were able to play it.

For those that didn’t manage to get to play this weekend, the open demo for Anthem kicks off this Friday, February 1, 2019.