Knights of the racing table.

Mobile game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is always good for a gimmick of two. In the lead up to Kingdom Hearts 3 there was the promotional bits and pieces for Sora and Cloud’s Kingdom Hearts’ costume. But now the game itself is being used as something of a gimmick after racing game Chocobo Run was announced for Facebook Messenger.

Chocobo Run sees players choosing a chocobo as their main character, with races between friends seeing you run through the familiar environment of Brave Exvius. Players will be able to build a party of chocobos to race with and, for some reason, you can teach them how to backflip and do long-jumps. We’re told these skills will help you in races, though we’ve got a sneaking suspicion it’s only there to rub that sweet, feathery victory in your friends’ faces.

You can download Chocobo Run now for free, simply download it through the App Store or Google Play and then get playing through Facebook Messenger.