For the playas.

Video game fashion guru Insert Coin is back with a couple more tasty treats, this time showing off two new PlayStation themed hoodies and two new t-shirt designs.

Compared to the more bombastic designs we’ve seen Insert Coin create before, the new lineup is fairly subtle. With both the hoodies and the t-shirts coming in black or grey and sporting the original PlayStation logo on the upper-left of the chest and a larger logo on the back. See? Pretty chill, right?

Insert Coin has also said that thiese will be the last new designs we see for a while. Apparently, the team is hard at work getting a new range together but has promised to be back soon with some new wardrobe fillers later this year. In the meantime, the current designs Insert Coin offer will all be getting restocked, meaning you’ve got another chance to snag a few Persona themed bits and pieces if you missed out the first time.

Disclaimer: Vikki Blake (Editor-in-Chief) is BFFs with the owner/founder of Insert Coin. As always, no relationships, personal or professional, were factored into this story.