Indie-spensible news.

Another week, another splodge of indie news for you to cram in that big ol’ brain of yours. And with new games out and the wild, others with release dates, and projects worth keeping an eye on, there’s no time to waste, so let’s get to it.

Weedcraft Inc. will be open for business in April

Developer Vile Monarch and Devolver Digital have confirmed that weed production sim, Weedcraft Inc, is set to arrive in April this year. There’s no specific date yet, but surely they won’t pass up the chance to make a hilarious 420 joke, would they? And while there’s a little bit longer to wait, we got a new trailer to hold us over in the meantime.

The game sees you rise through the ranks, going from a friendly neighbourhood drug dealer to a wholesaler who rubs shoulders with politicians.

The interesting thing about Weedcraft Inc is that it’s far more than a eccentric take on the sim genre. You’ll have to learn about the different strains of weed, using what you know about customers and business partners to supply a product they want. And this grows into the politics surrounding drug legalisation, as you work to lobby for state legalisation and attempt to negotiate your business in an America that’s still heavily divided on the subject.

Summer in Mara comes to Kickstarter

Describing itself as Stardew Valley meets Wind Waker, Summer in Mara is a survival adventure that’s veering ever closer towards its Kickstarter goal. The project, at the time of writing, is only £400 away from its £17.500 target, and still has just under a month to go.

The game sees you play as Koa who has to explore and take care of herself on an isolated island. You can expect to be doing a fair bit of farming and crafting to keep little Koa alive. The crafting feature also means that you’ll be able to upgrade your boat which you’ll use to travel to different islands.

It sounds like the game will keep you quite busy, threatening you with over 100 quests and a handful of fellow travellers for you to meet on different islands, each with their own story thread for you to follow.

Summer in Mara is aiming for a September 2019 release on PS4, Switch, PC, and Mac.

The Stillness of the Wind arrives today

Lambic Studios, the name behind Where the Goats Are, is back with a similarly meditative experience with The Stillness of the Wind.

The games has you play as Talma, the last member of her family on an isolated farm. It’ll be up to you to keep Talma busy either through working on the farm, creating food, foraging for supplies, and generally waiting to get news from your family via a travelling merchant.

Reviews for The Stillness of the Wind are out today, and it’s been pretty well received. You can take a look at our review too, where I hopefully get my confused appreciation of the game across well enough.