Cure your interior designer cravings with Two Point Hospitals new creative update tool.

One of the greatest abilities of any world-building game is to make it feel like it’s actually YOUR world and lets you stamp your creativity all over it. For players of Two Point Hospital from Sega/Two Point Studios, the dream is now a realisation, with the latest free game update dropping a new creative tool that lets you craft and customise the interiors of your clinic.

The Interior Designer update is a totally free addition to Two Point Hospital that integrates with the Steam Workshop and lets you create, share, and have access to designs from other players. So now you can create your own wall coverings, floor tiles, rug shapes and decorations to adorn the halls and walls of your burgeoning healthcare empire.

So if you want willies on the walls of your urology department, or maybe a nice real-life portrait of your significant other in your office, then now is the time to get creative.

Two Point Hospital is available now for PC, and Mac.