It’s nine minutes of people exploding.

Bethesda has released a nine-minute gameplay video for Rage 2 and every minute is – as you’d imagine – pretty violent. The video shows off a little bit of what you’ll get up to in the game though the main focus is on just how much damage you can do in a game that looks like Doom meeting with Prey for a very angry conversation.

Okay, that’s just my opinion but the footage does look pretty stellar. We get to see the player taking out a small gang using, among other things, a homing death star, which is just objectively brilliant. It looks like you’ll tag a target before letting fly and the death star flutters away before embedding itself in someone’s head.

We also saw how players will gain access to new abilities, with “Arks” providing new ways to murder before presenting you with a handful of goons to try it out on. The “Slam” ability was featured in the trailer, and essentially launches you into the air before you land, creating an area of effect type of damage.

There’s plenty more in store for you to have a look at in the trailer, and it’s certainly got us excited about Rage 2’s arrival on PC. PS4, and Xbox One on May 16.