Nothing says love like a loot box!

What a week it’s been for the guys and gals over at Respawn, their new Battle Royale game Apex Legends has hit the ground running, and in only a week has taken the gaming community by storm.

According to Respawn Entertainments CEO Vince Zampella, more than 25 million players have sampled the gameplay of Apex Legends in the first week since its release. But, most importantly, today, Thursday, February 14, all things heart-shaped must take priority, and to celebrate Valentines day, Apex Legends will be handing out limited-time Valentine’s loot crates.

“We’re also thrilled to announce that since last Monday, more than 25 million players have jumped into the game, and over the weekend we had well over 2 million concurrent players at our peak. Like I said earlier, what a week!” said Respawn Entertainments CEO Vince Zampella.

With some of the biggest names on Twitch getting in on the action, Apex Legends has certainly gained a great start in what is a very saturated genre. Already Apex Legends is being touted as the Fortnite killer, the game that will cease the domination of Epics Battle Royale shooter, much in the same way Fortnite came along and kidnapped the limelight from PubG.

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