Surprisingly, there’s 100 to collect.

A new lineup of Fortnite Battle Royale action figures have arrived and you can pick them up from Argos, Tesco, and Amazon. The latest lineup joins the limited collection that came to Smyths just before Christmas last year.

The new range introduces a collection of 100 figures to collect, though this first batch will only include 16 figures. You’ll be able to pick one up for £5, two for £10, and four for £20, so it’s looks set to be a pretty pricey outing if you’re looking to get all 100 figures. The upside is that a full collection will mean you can host your own battle royales where, no matter what, you’ll always be the winner.

And if you don’t intend to put on your own battle royale to stroke your ego, then the toys look like they’d make a nifty addition to your desk or shelf, y’know, if you’re a big fan of Fortnite.