Welcome to the Season of the Dragon!

The next adventure in Elder Scrolls Online, Wrathstone, is set to arrive next week on Febraury 25 for PC and Mac players, while PS4 and Xbox One players will have to hang on until March 12. The new DLC will be available for free if you’re an ESO Plus member but can be picked up in the game’s Crown Store if you don’t mind parting with some cash.

Wrathstone will have you chasing after two halves of a tablet, coincidentally called the Wrathstone. The search will mean you and three fellow adventurers will be out exploring two new dungeons; the first being the Depths of Malatar, a sunken ruin that holds the mystery of what happened to an Imperial convoy. The second dungeon, Frostvault, sees you exploring the glacial rifts that lay in wait under Eastmarch in order to find a way into a Dwarven vault.

Along with the Wrathstone DLC release, Fenraury 25 will also introduce the free Update 21, which introduces a host of new Battleground and PvP rewards along with some bug fixes.

Wrathstone stands as the first step into ESO’s Season of the Dragon, with the season seemingly looking set to culminate in the Elsweyr expansion that’ll arrive later this year.