And not many of the reviewers have played the game by the sounds of it.

Far Cry New Dawn, the spin-off adventure that follows on from the events of Far Cry 5, has quickly become the focus of a review bombing campaign. The reasons for the criticism seem to have nothing to do with the game itself, with users pointing to the game being bad because it has female characters, along with it being racist, and being a cash-grab.

We’ve seen something of a surge in review bombs for some time now in games, with the likes of Shadow of the Tomb Raider suffering for its early price drop but the reception to Far Cry New Dawn on Metacritic has a far more depressing core to this campaign. While the game’s Steam page has managed to stay on a “Mostly Positive” rating, Metacritic has the game sitting at a 2.9 from user reviews.

Unfortunately, some users have taken to claiming that Far Cry New Dawn “is not for players, This is some kind of feminist ****.“ In reference to the game’s antagonists; the twin sisters, who follow the basic trend of Far Cry villains we’ve seen before, have also been accused of being evidence of the game’s racist undertones. The thought behind this is down to the game’s cover art, which shows the twins torturing a Hope County resident.

It’s a disappointing turn to see from a minority of the Far Cry community, and one that seems to show a distinct ignorance for what we’ve seen in previous Far Cry games, a series that’s always been full of bombastic villains. And while it sucks arse that we still see this kind of reaction to the most simple of decisions, it’s not all bad news. While some players seem intent on being a bunch of jabronis, we’re seeing others speaking out on this idea of gaming as a closed community. So, to finish off a pretty depressing story, I’ve decided to include a thread I came across this week, hopefully it’ll show that not everyone is bloody annoying.

Via Shack News