Stuck between a sword and a stone.

Square Enix has announced a new fighting game in Million Arthur: Arcana Blood. It’s being touted for a PC release in summer 2019.

We’ve seen an early trailer for the game, taking the game back to that simple one on one fight to the death. Though, similar to the likes of Marvel vs Capcom and a fair few other fighters, you’ll be able to summon a bit f help in order to string togather some decent combos.

At the moment, we’ve only seen two fighters for the game, though the complete roster will have you choosing between 13 alternate King Arthur characters, with a further 31 support characters for you to choose from during a fight.

Along with an online competitive mode, Million Arthur will also feature a story mode; set in an alternate Britain, a martial arts tournament is held to decide which Arthur is the true king. The story is being overseen by series creator Kazuma Kamachi.

The game arrived on PS4 way back in 2017 though it was released in Japan so it’s PC release this summer will the first chance that we’ll have to go hands-on with the game.