She won’t Faden away.

A recent Community Q&A ran by Remedy with Courtney Hope, the voice actor for in-game Jesse Faden, gave us a few tidbits of info for what her character will be like. Along with the character insight. Hope also did a pretty good impression of Spongebob moving, which you can see in the Q&A video below.

Speaking about the how she went about preparing for the role of Jesse Faden, Control’s protagonist, Hope said that her idea of Faden was brought about by “that something inside of you, a fight; something that you’re passionate about and fighting for or curious about. Whatever that meant, and [I] tried to encompass all of that into who Jesse was.” Hope said that this character type was taken from her family and wider representations of women in an attempt to make Jesse Faden a more fleshed out character.

She also spoke about how her time on Quantum Break, where she voiced Beth Wilder, and how that experience helped her in taking on the role of Jesse. She explained that “there’s certain things that everyone’s trying to fight for to not be lost […] what’s behind the eyes, what’s behind the emotion and stuff like that. I’ve definitely learned a lot, especially in this game.” It sounds like it’ll be quite the performance from Hope when Control arrives on PC and console later this year.