Out of the pan and indie the fire.

Hello there and welcome back to another, yes another, of our Indie News Roundup features. It’s our weekly segment where, as you might’ve guessed, we roundup up the stories you may have missed so you’re wise to a few nifty looking games that are on the way. And lucky for you, we’ve got three games that are worth keeping an eye on, so let’s get straight to it.

It’s always 1988 (and nightmarish) in Black Future ’88

The 2D synth-punk adventure Black Future ’88 is heading to the Switch and PC later this year. Bringing along a gritty, neon-lit world for you to fight through endlessly, Black Future ’88 injects a little charm into itself with a trailer that’s brimming with that Saturday morning cartoon design. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.

That aesthetic looks like it’ll be confined to the game’s cutscenes, with the early screenshots showing off the game’s 2D hack ‘n’ slash setup. It’s one that reminds us a little of Katana ZERO, with an added benefit that Black Future ’88 will offer a co-op mode for you and a friend when it arrives later this year.

The game’s premise is fairly siomple, with players having to trawl through a procedurally generated tower, slicing up an assortment of killer robots, goons, and a few bosses, using a combination of smarts and special skills to help you along the way.

There’s no specific date or even a window for Black Future ’88 yet, though developer SuperScarySnakes is confident of a release this year.

Good Company is here to school you on business best practice

You might have a decent idea for a product. It might be something that literally everyone doesn’t even know they need yet but can you sell it? Can you deal with rapid expansion and getting that coveted Johnson account? Well if you can’t, don’t worry because you’ll know more than enough after playing Chasing Carrot’s Good Company when it arrives in early access later this year.

Based on the classic Tycoon games we’ve seen before, Good Company looks set to offer up a whole new management sim for you to try out. You can have a look at the announcement trailer here and you’ll be able to try it out when it lands on Steam’s early access before a full release later this year.

And Finally… Iratus: Lord of the Dead is essentially a reverse Darkest Dungeon

We all like being the villain every now and again, right? And thankfully we won’t have to go out of our way to be a bit of a villain because Iratus, a new RPG from Daedalic, is coming to let us play supervillain later this year.

Iratus lets you go around killing pesky heroes and then reanimating their corpses into terrifying monsters to add to your legion of evil as you go about wreaking vengeance on those chumps who put you in prison.

There’s no release date for Iratus just yet, with the trailer only giving us a “coming soon” message. Still, it looks like something worth keeping an eye on.