Epic is going full Icarus.

Epic Games Store has lined up another PC exclusive for itself, this time with the horror game Close to the Sun from developer Storm in a Teacup. There still isn’t a specific release date for the game and you’ll still be able to pick it up on PS4 and Xbox One but the only place to play it on PC will be through the Epic Games Store.

The BioShock-inspired horror outing sees you fill the shoes of hot-shot journalist, Rose Archer, as she comes aboard the scientific utopia of the Helios ship, the culmination of Nikola Tesla’s vision in an alternate universe. Rose is there in the hopes of finding her sister, Ada. The only problem being that the ship is full of dead people and messages written in blood, awesome.

While Close to the Sun won’t be at the top of everyone’s To-Play list, it looks like a fascinating little adventure set in a worked that’ll tickle those memories of Rapture. It also marks yet another exclusive deal for Epic, which has seen a string of developers, both big and relatively small, make the jump to its platform.

Storm in a Teacup’s founder, Carlo Ivo Alimo Bianchi, said that the studio’s “relationship with Epic and the decision to use the Unreal Engine have provided fantastic opportunities for our studio, enabling a greater creative freedom and the ability to double-down on quality for our games. To launch on the Epic games store feels like the perfect next step,”
We’re still none the wiser as to when Close to the Sun will be released but you can pre-order it now through the Epic Games Store for £25/€30/$30 before it becomes available on PS4 and Xbox One.