Along with new modes, events, and more quests.

It’s fair to say that 2018 wasn’t the best start for Fallout 76, with its launch marred by buggy gameplay that lacked the Fallout feel of previous games, while the PR hit the game took surrounding issues with its limited edition merchandise only served to cause further problems. But Bethesda is hoping that 2019 can be a soft reset with the game, announcing a schedule of content set to arrive throughout the year as it looks to build on the groundwork of the game.

Among the rest of the gameplay set to arrive this year is the Wastelanders content drop, scheduled for autumn this year. We only get a vague description of what the quest will offer but it sounds like it’s offering up a return to a more conventional Fallout experience with Wastelasnders bring a quest “with true choice and consequences,” along with new factions, events, and more. We’ll have to wait and see how Wastelanders turns out later this year but the tease sounds like an interesting one.

In the meantime we’ve got a few bits and pieces arriving for the game in the lead up to Wastelanders. Spring marks the arrival of Wild Appalachia, an update that introduces two new questines in Shear Terror! Which has you hunting down mythical monsters, and Ever Upwards, which will see you spending a bit more time with the Pioneer Scouts. Along with the new quests are a few new features for your base, resource scrapping,a nd events, pus the first new game mode in Survival Mode. Survival will offer up a hardcore PvP mode that does away with the whole dueling system and leaves you Wastelanders to duke it out as you see fit.

The Nuclear Winter update arrives in the summer, bringing with it a new game mode of the same name which promises an “entirely new way to play Fallout 76, completely changing the rules of the Wasteland.” Though just what that is, we aren’t sure. The update will also bring two new Vaults for you to explore in Vaults 96 and 94, while a new prestige system will see players who reach level 50 get a reset and access to new, possibly terrifying abilities.