It turns out the “Eternal Bonding Ceremony” does not involve superglue!

Playing an MMO takes commitment! You can’t just play for five minutes or even a couple of hours and achieve that much. Therefore a lot of players of MMO’s have spent years inside the virtual worlds of massively multiplayer online games and made long and lasting friendships whilst adventuring.

Final Fantasy XIV lets you celebrate meeting that special-someone in-game by letting you get married or go through the “Eternal Bonding ceremony”, where you can invite all your friends and dress up in wedding outfits to have a day of celebrations and declare your in-game relationship.

News from Japan has let us know that Square Enix has partnered with Bridal Hearts to offer a Final Fantasy XIV-themed Wedding Service which mimics the in-game ceremony. This new service allows people to enjoy elements from FFXIV’s in-game “Eternal Bonding Ceremony” which includes matching outfits, props, and environmental decor in an actual wedding ceremony.

February 14, 2019, hosted the inaugural ceremony that was attended by special guest FFXIV game Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida ( Yoshi-P ), who hinted that reservations for the ceremony should hopefully open within the next few weeks.

Some of the details of the ceremony includes:

  • Both the wedding dress and tuxedo for the bride and groom are modelled after the FFXIV in-game models.
  • Numerous in-game assets are used as background images and video to decorate the proceedings and bring the Eternal Bonding ceremony to life.
  • Bride/Groom are able to carry the job weapon of their choice (replicas from in-game models) during the proceedings.
  • FFXIV music is played throughout the procession.
  • A FFXIV themed cake is also part of the package, and there is a full menu for the reception with FFXIV-themed food and drink.
  • A standard plan for the FFXIV Wedding Service with 70 guests would run about 3.5mm Yen / $31,500.