Beach vibes.

The introductory Hawke’s Bay level for Hitman 2 has gone free to play with the Hitman 2 Starter Pack. The pack only offers the first level but has everything you need to know to help you in learning the basics and the many, many ways you can murderise someone in the game.

Hawke’s Bay is far from a true representation of the environments that Hitman 2 offers, with the only available places to explore being a generously sized house that you’ll be sneaking around as you work to kill your target. But as with any Hitman level, there are opportunities aplenty hidden around the house so it’s well worth downloading if you haven’t played the full game yet.

We reviewed Hitman 2 a while back and thought that it essentially improved on everything Hitman 2016 did.

February has also brought a few new features for the game, namely an updated AI reaction to sniper fire when an NPC doesn’t see Agent 47 fire a weapon. It’s a small addition but one that should hopefully help those of you trying to complete those pesky sniper challenges.