Surfs up.

A new survival mode has arrived for Darksiders 3 in The Crucible, offering up 101 waves of terrifying monsters for you to go head to head with. You can get The Crucible now for £6/$7/€7 on all platforms.

The Crucible’s gameplay looks set to offer nothing but challenge and reward for thos of you who reckon you’ve mastered the game’s combat, with the first 100 waves of the DLC offering up a ton of rare crafting materials for you to use along with new armour and enchantments. All these should help when it comes to dealing with the mode’s 101 wave, which promises an “ultimate and final challenge,” for players – hopefully the final challenge won’t be having to talk THQ Nordic’s PR lead out of an 8chan AMA…

You’ll be able to play The Crucible after you’ve beaten the first real Sin, with the first 25 waves being unlocked initially before beating the second, third, and fourth real Sins will unlock the rest of the game’s waves.